Medical Leadership Team

Peter L. Brodie, AEMT, Chief (939)

As Chief, Brodie has brought the Corps medical operation and leadership team to new levels, since beginning his service in 2013, by expanding the level of care provided, participating in county-wide training exercises, revamping the mutual aid plan, updating the advanced life support intercept plan and compiling and presenting data to the Corps on the performance of the medical operation. Brodie has established and fortified a strong relationship with the Duanesburg Junior Senior High School Life in the ER class where he has partnered with other Duanesburg Ambulance members to teach classes. Managing the medical operation is not just a task for Brodie, it is a passion built on the foundation of engagement with first response partners, increased presence in the community and cultivation of relationships with the school, the town government and businesses within the town.

This year brings new excitement and energy to the Corps as the medical leadership team and the Corps continue their hard work in improving the quality of care, strengthening the schedule through a renewed partnership with the Town of Duanesburg and continues to represent as a solid basic life support agency focused on new opportunities.

Chief Brodie has been recognized in the County and the REMO region with the Harriet C. Beecher EMS Leadership Award for leading the Corps remaining in service after the tornado struck the building and damaged the ambulances on Thursday, 22 May 2014. The relationships Brodie helped foster at the County, Region, State and with local municipal leaders and fire departments helped keep the Corps responding to calls without missing a beat.

As Chief, Brodie is responsible for managing the executive leadership for the medical operation and is excited that the Corps responded professionally and compassionately through COVID-19, updated the fleet, has approved a Scholarship Program and is continuing a hybrid staffing program to ensure a consistent response during our most challenging day time hours.

Adam Fink, EMT, Deputy Chief (938)

A well-respected, commanding leader with an extensive background in fire and emergency services, Adam returns to the medical leadership team as the Deputy Chief and the responsibility of managing the medical operation’s day to day operation and helping guide future developments.

Throughout his career in emergency services, Adam has shown stellar leadership in both the administrative support and the operational structure. Having previously served as the president of a past fire company at 18 years of age, Adam has brought his leadership, dedication and service to the Corps after five years as Training Officer, one year as Assistant Captain and now as the Deputy Chief.

His work with the Corps earned Adam the 2019 Schenectady County EMS Educator of Excellence award by the Schenectady County Legislature for his dedication to improving the EMS training and educational environment in Duanesburg and surrounding communities.

Aidan Enders, EMT, Captain (935)

Aidan has previously been recognized by Schenectady County and the Hudson-Mohawk REMSCO as the Youth Provider of the Year for those two respective jurisdictions. Aidan is currently a paramedic student where he is excelling in clinical, practical and classroom training.

In his role as Captain, Aidan will provide leadership on scenes by participating on the leadership team of the Corps, collaborate with the ALS partners of the Corps in developing a stronger relationship and improving the emergency medical experience for the providers, the patients and the system.

Alexander Kaczor, EMT, Informatics Associate

A graduate of the SUNY Canton Emergency Management Program, Kaczor supports the medical operation by managing the data and technology programming. A passionate advocate of electronic data collection, Kaczor has helped escalate the quality utilization of the technology to help ease the efforts to manage the medical operation.

Christine Zapatocki, RN, Supply Officer and Health & Safety Officer

Working as the Supply Officer since 2019, Zapotocki has taken on additional tasks of monitoring ambulance check sheets, working with the day staff and the leadership team. She is heavily involved in supply monitoring, maintaining an ongoing supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as uniform attire.

Additionally, Christine continues in the quite important role of Health and Safety Officer. In this role, Christine has taken the lead in managing the response and protection plan for the providers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Christine’s nursing background, her attention to detail, research driven approach and her dedication to a cause will serve both her and the Corps very well.

Oliver Chaires, EMT, Fleet Manager

A new and passionate leader in the Corps is the most recent addition to the medical leadership team as the Fleet Manager. At the start of his term, Oliver is nearing completion of his second year as a member and has proven himself quite capable in handling preventive maintenance for the current fleet of ambulances. Oliver has an extensive background in hazard materials and the fire service as a member and leader within Rotterdam Fire District #2.