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Public Event Standbys

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, most public events are not allowed; however, when the restrictions are lifted and the pandemic is contained and controlled, DVAC is proud to cover high school football games, the Memorial Day Parade, Duanesburg Day, training exercises with fire departments and racing events hosted by the YMCA.  If you see us at a standby, please come up to and talk to us about the Corps and learn more about us.

Duanesburg High School Life in the ER Classroom

The Corps has provided guest lecturers for the Life in the ER class taught at the high school.  The EMTs bring valuable life experience and practical experience to the students in the class.  Lectures on spinal immobilization, oxygen therapy, family care and patient care have helped provide incredible insight to the high school.

CPR Classes

The Corps has an American Heart Association CPR Instructor among its membership.  Community members are welcome to attend CPR classes at an affordable rate at a local venue.  Our instructor comes highly recommended and leads an excellent classroom experience.