Covid-19 Response

The Corps leadership and medical members are committed to serving the public with regular training and updates regarding the Covid-19 virus as it may reach our town.  Every member of the medical leadership team has been involved in equipment and staff preparation for any type of response.

The Corps is partnering with our first response partners in Delanson Volunteer Fire Department, Duanesburg Volunteer Fire Company, Mariaville Volunteer Fire Department and Quaker Street Volunteer Fire Company to ensure the safety of our volunteers and the ability of our teams to provide the high quality care the community has come to expect from the Corps.

For ongoing updates, we encourage all residents and friends of the Corps to check back to the following reputable websites that are updated consistently:

Centers for Disease Control:

John’s Hopkins Disease Tracker:

New York State Department of Health:

Please continue to refresh these pages for suggestions on self-care and identification of others who may health concerns.  If you have any questions about Covid-19, the Corps encourages you to contact your primary physician ~ if you are having difficulty breathing or speaking in full sentences, please call 911 and request and ambulance.  If you feel you have been exposed (or have been advised that you are a Person Under Investigation or have been diagnosed with Covid-19), please advise the public safety dispatcher so that the crew may be advised and prepared upon arrival at your location.