Health and Wellness Building Project Update

Join Us in Supporting Duanesburg Ambulance Drop in & Wellness Center!

We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing to you today to introduce an important initiative for the Duanesburg community that we believe requires your support – The Duanesburg Ambulance Wellness Center.

Emergency medical services are a vital component of any community. A wellness center operated by Duanesburg Ambulance will provide the community with immediate access to medical assistance. Whether it’s a minor injury, sudden illness, or medical guidance, individuals can seek help without delay. Having trained medical personnel readily and available to help the community can prevent minor health issues from escalating into emergencies.  Realizing that not all medical situations require ambulance dispatches or emergency room visits. Many individuals seek medical assistance for non-emergency concerns such as minor injuries, or general health inquiries. A drop-in and wellness center will offer a suitable alternative by providing timely care for such cases, alleviating the burden on emergency services and hospitals.

However, to make this program a reality and sustain its operations, we need your help. We are reaching out to our community members, businesses, and organizations to support us in raising the necessary funds to establish and maintain the Duanesburg Ambulance Drop in and Wellness Center.

Your contribution, no matter the size, will directly impact the lives of individuals and families in the Duanesburg community. It will enable us to purchase life-saving medical equipment, maintain drop-in center, train our medical personnel, and ensure the smooth operation of this essential service.

Here’s how you can help:

1.    Financial Donations: Your monetary contributions will go a long way in funding the operational costs of the Drop in and Wellness Center. Every dollar counts and will directly support our mission of providing timely medical assistance to those in need.

2.    Spread the Word: Share information about our Drop in and Wellness Center with your friends, family, and colleagues. Help us raise awareness about the importance of this initiative and encourage others to support it.

3.    Volunteer: If you have medical expertise, or administrative skills, consider volunteering your time and expertise to support our program. Your contributions as a volunteer can make a significant difference in the success of our efforts.

4.    Corporate Sponsorship: Businesses and organizations can partner with us through corporate sponsorship opportunities. Your support will not only benefit the community but also showcase your commitment to the Duanesburg community.

We believe that by coming together as a community, we can make a profound impact on the well-being and safety of our fellow residents. Your generosity and support will help ensure that no one in our community is ever left without access to medical care, and education during their time of need.

If you would like to contribute or learn more about the Duanesburg Ambulance, Drop in and Wellness Center, please contact Janice Vunk at 518-631-5584 or Robert Cuttita at 518-852-9117. Together, let’s make our community a safer and healthier place for all.  Please note all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


Robert Cuttita – Chairman &

The Duanesburg Ambulance Board